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Four Things Connecticut Homeowners Need To Know About Sewage Back-Ups

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A sewage back-up occurs when wastewater and sewage from your home’s drains and toilets are unable to flow into the sewer system. The result is a reverse flow of sewage back into your home. This is just as bad as it sounds - sewage backups can cause major damage and health problems if you don’t get the right help right away.

There is no form of water damage that is good, but sewage back-ups are one of the worst forms that water damage can come in. You will have all of the normal issues including damage to your home and contents, plus foul odors and exposure to harmful bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants.

In this article, we will explain four of the most important issues involved in sewage-back ups that Norwalk homeowners need to know. Read on for the information you need to protect both your home and your family.

It’s Much More Dangerous Than Clean Water Damage

Sewer backups are not only smelly and messy, but also come with significant health risks. When a back-up occurs, your home can get filled with the microorganisms sewage contains, including E. coli, Salmonella, and other disease-causing bacteria and viruses. Materials soaked with this dangerous mix also provide the perfect environment for rapid, destructive mold growth.

Direct contact with sewage or even just inhaling airborne particles it can release can lead to digestive system problems, skin rashes, infections, and even respiratory issues. It’s important to get experienced, professional help with the clean-up and disinfection process. At Riverside Restoration, we have the knowledge and specialized equipment needed to handle the situation safely and effectively.

Sewage Back-Up Restoration Is Not Covered Under Most Standard Homeowners Insurance Policies

A standard homeowners insurance policy does not automatically include sewage back-up coverage. However, most home insurance companies offer it as an optional coverage, which can be added to your standard homeowners insurance policy. It may also be called by other names, such as water back-up insurance, sewer back-up, or drain line back-up coverage.

If you add sewer back-up insurance, you will have coverage for any damage that results from this issue. It may even help pay for the cost of repairing your sewer line (connecting to the city’s sewer line), as well as restoring your home from water, sewage, and mold damage to its original condition.

Sewage Back-Up Causes You Can Control

Sewage damage is a scary situation that all Connecticut homeowners want to avoid. Thankfully, there are several things that you can control that will help prevent this smelly, destructive problem. First of all, it’s important to understand that homeowners are responsible for the maintenance and repair of their sewer lateral line or main line. This is the pipe that connects your home to the city sanitary sewer line in the street. Keeping tree roots away and replacing your sewer line with a modern plastic pipe are important maintenance tasks that can prevent back-ups.

Another way to prevent sewage back-ups is to be careful about what goes into your sewer. Properly dispose of grease - don’t dump it down the drain. As the grease cools, it will solidify in your drain or even the city line, causing clogs. Additionally, don’t flush any paper products other than toilet paper. Paper towels, diapers, hygienic wipes, and feminine products can all clog your sewer line and even the city drain.

Sewage Back-Up Causes You Can’t Control

Even if you maintain your sewer line and don’t dump anything problematic into your drain, sewage back-ups can still occur due to issues outside of your control. Since other homes also connect to the main city drain, their bad behavior can cause blockages that will back up through your sewer line into your home. Getting these problems resolved involves contacting your city public works office to report the problem right away. Keeping the main city drain clear is the city’s responsibility.

Additionally, large amounts of rain or snow melt can overburden your main city drain lines. Too much precipitation at once can cause water to enter your connected sewer lines and cause back-ups.

Get Fast, Expert Help From Riverside Restoration

No matter the cause, a sewage back-up is a serious problem that needs to be addressed right away. It’s not something that Norfolk homeowners should tackle alone - Riverside Restoration is here to help. We are experts at safely cleaning and restoring your home after any type of water damage. We are happy to partner with your insurance company to make sure that you are easily able to get the coverage you are entitled to. If you are dealing with a sewage back-up in your Connecticut home, contact us today and start getting your life back to normal.

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