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Restore Your Home

Save You Time

Save You Money

Have you discovered mold growing in your home? Are you wondering how long it’s been there or why? Could it be part of a bigger problem such as a water leak coming from somewhere else in or outside of your home?

This can be very overwhelming and stressful.

We first try to locate where the water is coming from (the root cause) and make repairs to the source. Once we have completed the mold remediation process, your home will be restored back to its original beauty.

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Our Plan

Step One

Call Now!

Book an appointment to receive an estimate.

Step Two

We Remove the Mold

Technicians will find the source and remove the mold from your home.

Step Three

Restore Your Home

You have peace of mind that your home has been beautifully restored.


We understand how complex mold damages to your home can be and how expensive it can get to restore the beauty your home once had.

Which is why we acquired specialized restoration and contractor licenses and certifications so we can handle the entire project from the initial removal of mold to the reconstruction phase.

A water leak created a serious mold issue in the crawlspace and damaged the wood flooring in our dining room… They minimized and contained the disruption to our lives as much as possible with a project of this scope and gave us peace of mind that we were living in a safe, mold-free home.

– Cathleen O., Westport, CT

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We had a contract to sell our house and during the inspection, we found mold in the attic. We panicked to find a remediation company to do the work in the time crunch we were under. Caleb was able to jump in and completed the work on time.

– Jim and Beth, Westport, CT

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Mold Remediation Company

Find the source of where and why the water is causing mold.

Use of thermal imaging to determine the areas damaged (behind walls and ceilings).

Remove severely damaged areas.

Repair and restore damaged areas.

Wipe surfaces and apply disinfectant to the area.