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Why Connecticut Homeowners Must Fix Water Damage Right Away

Why connecticut homeowners must fix water damage right away

Water is life-giving and incredibly fun, but when it damages your home, it can be dangerous and incredibly destructive. Most homeowners know that water damage, from any source, is not good, but not all understand how much worse it can get if you don’t deal with it right away. There are numerous additional problems that water damage can cause over time - here are seven that everyone should beware of.

Structural, Foundation, and Electrical Damage

Unrepaired, long-term water damage could cause structural, foundation, and electrical system damage at your property. These issues are not only expensive and hard to fix, but can become very dangerous.

Mold and Mildew

Water damage, whether from a sudden flood or slow leak, increases the moisture levels in your home. This can lead to mold and mildew. Mold is bad for your health, and can increase the structural damage problems mentioned above.

Bad Smells and Stains

Unrepaired water damage can also lead to musty odors. This can be caused by the airborne mold and mildew particles in your home, rotting wood, and the pests that moisture can attract. Damp walls and ceilings can also show dark stains, which may become permanent. The only way to completely get rid of these bad smells and stains is to get professional help with the water damage, and any problems it causes.

Hidden Damage

The water damage that you can see, smell, and feel could be just the start of your problems. Underneath your floors or behind your walls, there may be bigger problems. Experienced water damage restoration contractors have advanced diagnostic tools that help them find and stop hidden problems.

Problems With Insurance Coverage

In most cases, Your home insurance can help you cover the costs of water damage. However, if you ignore water damage for too long, you may have problems making a claim. Your insurance provider may refuse to cover damage that was a result of delays.

A Lower Home Value

Due to the many complex issues we have described above, water damage can lower the value of your home. If you are planning to sell a home, it’s better to repair the water damage before you sell. If you are considering purchasing a home with water damage, a quote from a local Connecticut water damage restoration contractor should be a part of your inspection process.

Serious Health Hazards

Untreated water damage in your home can create many health hazards,including mold, structural safety issues, and exposure to the dangerous contaminants left behind by floodwaters or sewage.

Water Damage Can’t Be Ignored - Get Help Today

Putting off water damage restoration can cause serious structural problems to your home, harmful health risks for your family, and can have major financial implications.. If your home has sustained any type of water damage, get help from a trusted, local professional today. At Riverside Restoration, we understand how complex water damage can be, as well as how stressful repairs and insurance claims can be. We have specialized restoration and contractor licenses and certifications, and are ready to partner with you and your insurance company from the initial flood, leak, or storm all the way to the final reconstruction phase. Greenwich and Norwalk area homeowners can get water damage safely under control by contacting us today.

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