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5 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Contractor

5 questions before hiring a contractor

Choosing a contractor to complete an emergency disaster repair or a planned non-emergency renovation can be overwhelming. You want to make sure you hire someone you feel comfortable with and trust to get the job done professionally, within budget, and on time. Although you can usually rely on the opinions of your friends and neighbors and the reviews on reputable online resources , it’s still important for peace of mind, to be thorough in your search and ultimately pick a contractor and restoration company that’s right for you.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Contractor

There are 5 key questions to ask a contractor prior to hiring them to complete a major project on your home. If you are stuck between two or three, the answers provided to these questions usually help make your choice easier. 

  • What types of clients do you work with? It’s important to clarify with the contractor who they have worked with before. Are they mainly a commercial property restoration company? Are they comfortable working on a house? Do they usually work on high-end residential projects or a variety of smaller homes? It’s good to get an idea if they have worked on a home like yours so that you can feel more confident in their ability to get the job done right, and to your standards. 
  • Is your local service area near my address? This may seem like a silly question; you may be thinking, “As long as the contractor wants to fix my home, what does location matter?” Local contractors are more familiar with your area’s geography, weather, and culture, being better equipped to serve your needs. They will be more familiar with where supply companies are, should they need them, and will be quicker to show up to the scene should you have an emergency situation.
  • Do you have relevant work experience? Most contractors have a wide variety of experience, but you want to make sure they’ve successfully completed a project similar to yours. Ask for photos and references of previous projects , and if possible, drive by a past (or current) job site. 
  • How much will this project disrupt your life? Since the contractor and their crew will be in your home for a set period of time, it’s key to learn what kind of disruption you should expect in your daily life. Is the contractor fixing a leak in your bathroom? Do you only have the one bathroom? Do you have an alternative space? What time will they want to start work every day? When will they leave? Where will they be in your home? What will the parking situation on your street be like? For clients who like discretion, this is an important point to address up front, so that the contractor can propose methods to accommodate your life and cause as little upheaval as possible.
  • Who from your expertly trained staff will be in my house on a day-to-day basis? This is an often missed question, but a good one. You don’t ever want to be surprised and walk into your home to find only one person when you expected ten, or ten people when you expected only two. Make sure you get the names and qualifications of the project manager who will be in charge. Be sure to clarify who will be in charge of specialty contractors, and the details about who will be in your home. It is okay to ask for names, certifications, and work history so you feel safe and comfortable.

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