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How Infrared Imaging Inspections Work

Infrared imaging inspections work

An infrared imaging inspection is done by a specialist who uses state-of-the-art equipment to test your home. The specialist doesn’t just rely on the images obtained but is also the visual inspection they make as the process unfolds.

With Infrared Imaging inspection services, a contractor can detect and document water damage and other types of problems. It is very useful for finding out exactly where your home needs repair or improvement.

This type of test is done frequently for restoration purposes after storms, flooding, plumbing leaks, and other problems. It doesn’t disturb the home at all, whereas in the past the contractor would have to tear out the drywall or concrete foundation to find a leak.

How Infrared Imaging Works

Infrared imaging is also called infrared thermography and thermal imaging. All objects emit infrared light, which the camera picks up. The hotter the object is, the closer to white the color is on the display. The colder the object is, the darker the color gets. A water leak will show up much darker than surrounding objects.

During thermal imaging, the inspector uses a small hand-held device. You’ve heard of night-vision cameras and glasses, right? Well, the infrared imaging inspection uses the same technologies in a machine called an IR camera. However, the inspector can set the tool and make adjustments to ensure the camera is picking up what they are looking for clearly. It actually does not see water, rather just the effects of water on the temperature within an environment. The knowledge and experience of the inspector are of high importance.

The camera shows temperature differences in color. It can pick up temperature differences under the home’s foundation, within walls, in the attic, or at the roof. Plumbing leaks, roof leaks, basement moisture, wall leaks, dampness under flooring, and other hidden problems will be uncovered by the camera.

Benefits Of Infrared Imaging Inspections

Infrared Imaging Inspections are performed with advanced technology which allows your Westport restoration company to provide you with an immediate written report of the water damage. It is a very effective method of assessment to use for the insurance claims process. Plus, you’ll love having the information handy so you know exactly where the problems are and what type of water damage remediation services you will need.

Another benefit of an infrared imaging inspection is the information obtained about the energy efficiency of your home. If improvements need to be made, like installing more insulation or sealant, you’ll know where to get it done and exactly what to do. These improvements will make a notable improvement in your heating and cooling expense.

Did you know that the inspection can uncover hidden electrical problems? As wiring heats beyond what it should, the heat shows up on the infrared camera. This little side detail could actually save your life if there is too much electrical load in the wiring.

Amazingly, the thermal inspection can also discover condensation leaks from your HVAC system. This is a prime environment for mold and mildew to grow in, so it could be of vital importance for your family. If there are any ongoing slow roof leaks, the cameras we have at Riverside Restoration Inc. will find it.

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