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How Your Restoration Contractor Can Work With Your Insurance Company

How your restoration contractor can work with your insurance company

After experiencing damage in your home that requires a restoration company, it can be overwhelming and confusing to find the right way to work with insurance companies on your claim. Ensuring that you have completed all of the necessary paperwork, have the correct documentation and that the claim is filed accurately is time-consuming and confusing if you don’t know what you’re doing.

That’s where Riverside Restoration Inc. comes in. Our expertise isn’t just in restoring the damaged parts of your home. While we work on bringing your home back to normal, we can also provide you with expert advice on dealing with your insurance company throughout this process. In some cases, we can even take care of the issues for you.

Help with the Claim Submission Process

Typically, a restoration insurance claim process goes through five steps:

  1. Call the insurance company
  2. Bring in a restoration company to complete the emergency work and an estimate for additional work needed
  3. Get approval for the work from the insurance company
  4. Restoration company completes the additional work
  5. Complete the project and final paperwork

That is boiling the process down to bare bones – and it isn’t always that simple. When disaster strikes, you have to move quickly. If it’s water damage, get Riverside Restoration Inc.’s emergency services out to the property quickly. We’ll dry out the property to prevent mold damage. Fire damage requires emergency services to get the home restored quickly and back to normal. Regardless of the type of disaster, Riverside Restoration Inc. will take the necessary steps to start documenting the damage appropriately. Our team will gathering the necessary information needed for the insurance claim.

Once we have the damage under control, we will reach out to your insurance company and even being submitting the claim for you. This allows you to focus on more important things during this difficult time.

Coordinate with the Insurance Company

Instead of waiting for your insurance company to return your call and you to act as the middle man between us and them, Riverside Restoration Inc. will work directly with the insurance company to keep the process moving as quickly as possible. Since we work with most major insurance companies, coordinating restoration services is simple.

We’ll take the lead with the insurance company, updating them that reconstruction services are already in place and moving forward. As the policyholder, you have the right to choose your own contractor, despite the recommendation of your insurance company.

Prepare All the Paperwork

Like all insurance processes, a restoration claim requires paperwork and a lot of it. At Riverside Restoration Inc., we’ll handle all estimates, invoices, reports, progress sheets and any other paperwork requested by the insurance companies to keep the claim moving as quickly as possible. Leave the details to us while you work on returning to life as usual.

At Riverside Restoration Inc., we work on disasters like water and flood damage , mold and mildew remediation , smoke and fire damage , document restoration , and more. Visit our website for more information and fill out our online form today to stay in the loop for all of our offers!

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