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How Snow Removal Plans Can Cause Water Damage to Your Connecticut Home

How to prevent snow from causing water damage riverside restoration westport ct

Snow and all of the challenges that come with it are just the facts of life during Connecticut winters. But left untreated, snow can cause serious water damage to your home. From water runoff to roof damage, snow’s threat of property damage is all too real.

However, taking time to prepare your home before bad weather hits can keep you and your property both dry and secure. Here are some of the ways that snow can lead to water damage, as well as some of the steps you can take to protect your home accordingly.

How Can Snow Lead to Water Damage?

There are many ways that snow can damage your home, some more deceptive than others. When snow melts, it produces a lot of water which can then sink into the soil surrounding your home or into cracks in your home’s foundation. Half a foot of packed snow melts into about an inch of water, so the amount of water that threatens your home from snowmelts is substantial. Even if all of the snow doesn’t melt, water that’s frozen in the ground around your house prevents melting snow from absorbing into the soil, putting your house at risk.

There are other ways that snow can damage your home, especially through your roof. Snow that piles up on your roof can put the building under strain from all of the weight, and ice frozen in your gutters can prevent melting snow from draining away from your property. Worse yet, when the snow melts on the roof, it sometimes cascades off only to crush anything in its path. It’s a threat to both your property and your safety to let it go untreated.

How Can I Stop Snow From Damaging My Home and Property?

Thankfully, there are quite a few ways to protect your home from snow-related damages. When you’re preparing your property for winter, consider the following steps.

First, clean out your gutters and clear off your roof. One of the easiest ways to keep your home safe from snow is to clean off your roof periodically over the winter. With a snow rake, carefully remove snow packed on your roof to reduce the amount of runoff water when the snow eventually melts, as well as to reduce the amount of weight pressing down on your roof.

Remember, ice is slick, and cleaning your house’s roof can be dangerous. If you can use a snow rake with an extendable reach from the ground, you’ll be much safer. For a more expensive but more hands-off option, install roof heating strips to melt any snow build-up. While you’re maintaining your roof, take some time to check your gutters, too. Snow and ice that build up in the gutter can create ice dams that prevent water runoff from draining away from your house.

After that, check your home for cracks and gaps. When snow and ice melt, they need somewhere to drain to. If there are cracks or faults in your home’s foundation, water can seep right in. Before bad weather hits, take some time to seal any gaps or holes in your foundation with cement or caulking to keep water out.

The same is true for your home’s exterior. From chipped basement windows to cracks in the building’s brickwork, water can enter the home through any opening. This is also a good time to check your foundation for any uneven surfaces, which can lead to water collecting near the home; hire a professional to correct any sloping to prevent water from building up when the snow melts.

Need Some Help Recovering From Snowmelt Water Damage?

If you've suffered water damage or other problems stemming from snow build-up this winter, consider reaching out to Riverside Restoration for help. We offer around-the-clock support and emergency response. Our team provides restoration services for water damage as well as restoration services for mold, mildew, and fire damage. Riverside Restoration provides service for southern Connecticut in Cos Cob, Darien, Fairfield, Greenwich, New Canaan, Old Greenwich, Riverside, Southport, and Weston. Contact us today, and let us know what we can do for you!

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