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How To Create An Emergency Plan For Your Staff

How to create an emergency plan for your staff

Severe weather in Connecticut can occur anytime during all four seasons. Common natural disasters to your area, like flooding , heavy rain, hurricanes, thunderstorms, and blizzards can happen with little to no notice. Many households and their staff may not be prepared when a natural disaster occurs. If you are a household of ten or more people on your staff, OSHA requires that you have a written emergency plan in place. 

Planning, educating, and practicing for any situation prepares staff to remain calm during dangerous situations. Because your household is your staff’s workplace, it’s best to help them be prepared for any workplace emergency .

Steps for Staff Emergency Preparedness

As you make your plan, consider all of the emergencies that can happen in your home (aka your staff’s workplace), and decide what situations could be a threat to your organization. Threats can be power outages, staff medical emergency, burglary, planned for weather emergencies (like a hurricane or blizzard), unplanned for weather emergencies (like a sudden severe storm or flood), or danger on your property (like a house fire , violence, or chemical spill).

What Should an Emergency Response Plan Include?

Start by downloading a severe weather plan template . After you decide the types of disasters you would like to plan for, create a plan of action for each. Depending on the size of your household staff and your property, there are many different aspects to consider when planning for emergencies. Creating a plan of action and adding these sections in your emergency planning will prepare everyone for even the smallest emergency event: 

  • Chain of command plans.

    These explain who the designated leaders are and how communications will be handled. Make sure people assigned to leadership roles understand what they need to do during an emergency situation. 

  • Severe weather guidelines .

    These provide guidelines as to when it is safe to work and when to shut down and go to the safety of their own homes. These guidelines tell live-in staff when it’s okay to stop work and find a safe space on the grounds. 

  • Safe space plans.

    These inform staff where they can go in the event of immediate danger at your house.

  • Evacuation plans.

    These map out at least two exit strategies per room or area of the house. Make sure plans include windows, window ladders, and doors. They also show where everyone should meet to be accounted for.

  • Emergency contact notification plan.

    This list includes preferred contractors, restoration companies, and plumbers to help with any situation. It should also have all of your preferred contact numbers so staff can reach you if you’re away. And finally, this list should have the emergency contact information for each of your staff. Place this list in multiple locations of your estate to ensure it is accessible during an emergency.

  • Severe weather preparation plans.

    These guide your staff on what to do, where to go, and what to shut down in the event of a weather emergency.

Practice Your Severe Weather Emergency Plan

Preparing your household staff for water damage, fire damage, wind damage, or worse doesn’t have to be stressful. Make sure everyone understands how to execute your plan by conducting emergency drills multiple times a year. This increases staff confidence and knowledge to perform their roles safely and calmly.

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