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Causes Of Ceiling Water Damage

Causes of ceiling water damage

The ceiling is your home’s second line of defense after your roof. It provides overhead protection from the elements, extreme temperatures, and floating debris. A ceiling not only can provide this protection, but it also extra insulation to beams and pipes while giving your home a clean finished look. However, when your ceiling starts to discolor or warp, it might be time to look into a bigger issue.

Ceiling Damage Warning Signs

There are four main signs of ceiling damage:

  1. Water stains on the ceiling.

    If patches of brown, black, or green appear on your ceiling, this is a sign of water damage. Ceiling stains can come in all sizes, shapes, and colors, but know that if you have one, there is a good chance you might have a roof leak or burst pipe. Ceiling stains can also be caused by areas of your home having too high humidity or condensation. Damp rooms, such as bathrooms and kitchens, can lead to mold and mildew forming on ceilings. You can prevent ceiling stains from damp rooms by installing proper ventilation in these rooms and using a dehumidifier. Also, check that your exhaust fan duct is properly insulated to avoid moisture in the attic from turning into condensation stains.

  2. Newly formed cracks in the ceiling.

    No matter what the size, a hairline or a small crevice, cracks are no joke. They may form in straight lines or spiderweb patterns. Cracks usually form because of roof issues like warping wood, or problems with the rafter joists expanding and contracting from excess humidity. These structural problems will only cause more cracks to form over time, we recommended that you call a professional to address the underlying cause of the issue.

  3. Sagging ceilings from water damage.

    A well made house has ceilings that are level and straight. Older homes may have a slightly slanted ceiling from the house settling over time. However, if your ceiling is dipping or bowed, it’s very likely you have bigger issues. Ceilings bow because of water leaks from burst pipes, broken toilets, sinks, and other appliances located on an upper floor. If you ceiling on the top floor is sagging, then roof damage could be the cause. If your roof has damaged or missing shingles, clogged gutters, or ice dams, these could easily cause water to leak through to your ceiling. Located the source of the water, repair the issue, and then repair the ceiling.

  4. Peeling paint on the ceiling.

    Peeling, flaking, or chipping paint typically means water is sitting atop your ceiling drywall and can lead to water leaking from your ceiling. Check for water leaks coming from above the ceiling and repair as necessary prior to repainting your ceiling. Patching and painting the ceiling without fixing the source of the leak will only act as a band-aid to the problem, and the issue will most likely recur.

It’s important to keep up on regular maintenance of your home’s roof, plumbing, ventilation, and insulation in order to prevent moisture buildup and water leaks. By staying on top of key sources of water issues, you can help maintain the integrity of your ceiling for years to come.

Do You Have Water Leaking From Your Ceiling?

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