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Appliances Most Likely to Cause Water Damage

Appliances most likely to cause water damage

When you think of water damage in your Connecticut home, the most common problems that come to mind are big plumbing or weather issues. Burst pipes, destructive storms, and flooded basements are frequent sources of water damage, but there are additional, sometimes smaller problems that we see often.

Even a small, slow leak can cause big problems due to how pervasive and destructive water damage can be. Water can ruin surfaces that you can see, as well as causing hidden damage underneath. One source of these smaller leaks is the appliances that you use in your home every day. Here are five helpful machines that have the potential to cause major water damage, and what you need to know about each one.

Hot Water Heaters

One of the most common sources of home water damage is your hot water heater. They can burst or leak, causing an average of almost $5000 in damage. They should be replaced every 10 years and property maintained (including installing a catch pan and drain) in order to help prevent these issues.

Air Conditioners

Moisture condensation on the evaporator coil of an air conditioner typically produces some water, which is then collected in a drip pan, and directed out of your home through a drain line. These pans and lines can leak, or get clogged and overflow. Depending on the location of your air conditioner, these leaks can cause major damage, particularly because they are often slow and can go unnoticed.

Washing Machines

Washing machines use a lot of water, so when they leak, they can cause a lot of damage. Leaks in connecting hoses can be common, so be sure to check your hoses to look for cracking or rust, replace them every few years, and don’t put pressure on them: Leave space between the machine and the wall.. Don’t forget to turn off the water supply when you leave home for vacation, as leaks that happen when a home is empty can be much more severe due to going unnoticed.


Refrigerator leaks can have several sources, such as the defrost drain having a freeze or clog, seal failures, water line failures, and ice makers. Ice makers have a short lifespan, and often fail before the rest of the appliance. Check and tighten the water lines behind or under your fridge at least yearly, and consider replacing copper water lines with braided steel.

Dishwashers have numerous plumbing connections like hoses, drain lines, water lines, valves, and switches, all of which can be the source of a leak.They can also overflow if the incorrect detergents or other products are used. Finally, dishwashers are another appliance with a shorter lifespan, with most needing replacement within 10 years.

Ordinary Appliances Can Cause Extraordinary Damage

These five machines are in almost every home and are used almost every day for routine activities. When they fail and create water damage, Connecticut homeowners can be left with expensive, messy problems ranging from floor and wall damage to mold to even structural problems.

Getting help from an expert, local water damage restoration company will ensure that all issues are addressed and repaired correctly. You will get your home back to normal as quickly as possible, and will enjoy a reliable, trustworthy partnership through the entire restoration process. Whether you have a new leak or old damage that needs to be handled, Riverside Restoration can help - contact us today to learn more.

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