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5 Reasons Not To Clean Up Yourself After A Fire

5 reasons not to clean up yourself after a fire

Fire damage is one of the most devastating things a property owner can go through. It can bring about many emotions, and homeowners want to clean up their properties as quickly as possible afterwards. While getting back to everyday life, restoring a home to normal is typically the first priority. It’s in the best interest of the homeowner and the property, to call in a professional fire restoration company to handle the clean-up.

Here’s why a fire restoration company is a better option than cleaning up after a fire yourself.

  1. Hidden Health Hazards May Be Exposed During Cleanup

    While the immediate danger of the fire is gone after the flames have been extinguished, the remaining smoke and soot are more than just dirt remnants left behind by the fire. Exposure to fire-damaged objects can be hazardous to your health.

    Soot is formed from plastic, foam, wood, and other household materials that do not burn cleanly. The soot contains toxins that were produced as a chemical reaction in the fire’s heat. Soot particles are so small, that we cannot see them floating in the air around us.

    However, these particles can contain ammonia, tar, formaldehyde, asbestos fibers, and more. Opting to clean up after a fire on your own can lead to these fibers attaching themselves to clothing, seeping into your skin, and even you breathing in these toxins.

    During the clean-up process, soot particles are at their worst. If not cleaned up properly, these particles can linger in the home for years.

  2. Additional Damage May Occur

    It is tempting to head into a soot-covered room with a wet rag and start wiping down walls and floors or to grab a vacuum and start cleaning up your carpet and furniture. However, you are about to create even more damage to your home by trying to clean up your home.

    Soot particles are difficult to remove without proper tools and chemicals. However, using everyday cleaning equipment can cause soot to become more embedded into your carpet and upholstery. Doing this makes it nearly impossible to remove the stains.

  3. Salvageable Goods May Be Discarded

    You may believe you can tell what can be saved and what is a lost cause due to smoke and soot damage. However, there are items that may appear to be destroyed that are actually salvageable with the right equipment and restoration techniques. Also, if an item is not salvageable, a professional will dispose of it properly, preventing unnecessary health hazards.

  4. Special Equipment Is Necessary

    Like we talked about earlier, it may seem easy to grab a rag or a vacuum cleaner to clean the soot out of your home. However, there is special equipment that is necessary to fully clean up the damage left by the fire. Deep cleaning all surfaces will eliminate health threats and remove residual orders.

    Professional chemicals and tools are the foundation of fire restoration. Without a professional fire restoration company with the proper training and tools, your home will not be as fire-free a possible.

  5. Increase Time and Cost

    In trying to save time and money by performing clean-up yourself, you may actually do the opposite. There are many steps to completing insurance claims, salvaging items, and ensuring that all paperwork is filed properly. If you miss a step due to a lack of experience dealing with fire restoration processes, you could increase the time and cost spent on restoring your home.

    Working with a professional with experience in every aspect of the disaster recovery process is a better option.

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