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Water Damage Restoration in Wilton, CT

Water Damage Restoration and Reconstruction in Wilton, CT

In this project, we were able to restore a home that suffered from significant water damage. Water damage has many potential sources: In this case, the refrigerator supply line that leads to a connection on the refrigerator froze. A small part failure flooded almost half the house. Water penetrated from the kitchen all the way down to the lower level of the home. Wooden floors and doors were so swollen with water that they could not be opened without difficulty.

On the first floor, we removed all lower cabinetry, flooring, and the subfloor. The entire kitchen area, including the floors, was saturated with water and totally destroyed. Water can penetrate between layers of building material causing major destruction.

We also had to perform mold remediation. When water damage occurs, mold can grow between the layers of building materials. This home had a huge mold colony growing between two layers of subfloor - this would never have been seen by the homeowner without removing the top layer. These are the types of problems that experienced water damage restoration contractors know how to find and eliminate.

At Riverside Restoration, we have the ability to safely remove mold from many surfaces, using specialized cleaning and filtration methods. Left untreated, mold can cause significant structural damage to your home, and numerous health problems for your family.

This home's lower level was completely finished with sheetrock, trim, doors, and paint. Due to the water damage from the leak, we had to gut 95% of the lower level. We worked with local partners to make all of the subsequent repairs to both levels after demolition and remediation were complete.

Three Lessons From This Project That All Connecticut Homeowners Should Learn From

Although every disaster restoration project is unique, there are often lessons that can be useful to others. Here are three that every homeowner should understand.

A small leak can cause big problems.
A tiny part failure on a refrigerator ice maker destroyed two floors of a home. When it comes to water damage, any leak should be repaired as soon as possible.

Not all water damage can be seen with your eyes.
Many issues with this home were easy to see, but some were hidden from view. This is why we use tools like moisture meters and air scrubbers to find and remove problems that you can’t easily see.

Winterizing your home is a complex project.
Cold temperatures were the cause of the ice maker leak. It’s important that you make sure that all plumbing in and around your home is protected from freezing. In this project, the walls were re-insulated between the garage and the kitchen with spray foam insulation and Roxel installation to create a stronger seal and prevent cold air from leaking into the home and causing damage.

If you are concerned about water damage (or preventing water damage) at your home, it’s critical that you get help from a trusted, local professional today. At Riverside Restoration, we understand how complex water damage can be, and are ready to partner with you and your insurance company from the initial leak through to the final reconstruction of your Wilton home. If you are ready to get the experienced, knowledgeable help you need, contact us today.

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Client Review: I do not recall how I was referred to Caleb but I’m very grateful that I was! Because with all that stress, not living here, and being in a new home – I just handed him over keys and he did the job – worked beautifully with my adjuster from Chubb, Jerry Murry, and right after everything happened and as good luck would have it – my house sold! In one day on the market! I highly recommend Caleb – he’ll take your headaches away and you can trust him to get the job done correctly.
- Serena F

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